Before the Danish Air Force was officially established, Denmark received a number of Spitfires. The first, three pieces. P.R.Mk.XI photorecognition aircraft arrived August 23 and September 18, 1947 under agreement Comm. No. 434. The first actual fighter jets, 38 pcs. H.F.Mk.IXe arrived in the period 25 October 1947 to 10 February 1949 under agreement Comm. No. 320. In addition, 4 pcs arrived. Mk.IX, which was used for teaching at Flymekanikerskolen, Flyvestation Værløse, and three pcs. Mk.IX for spare parts. All the planes were flown to Denmark, with the exception of the training planes that came by ship in July 1948 under agreement Comm. No. 326. The planes were dismantled, most in 1951 – ’52. The only surviving Danish Spitfire is now on the Danish Aviation Museum.