The “Tårnfalk” is the Danish defense name for what should have been the defense’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The Tårnfalk which name orginates from a Danish bird was produced by French SAGEM, and is internationally known under the name Sperwer. After long-term problems with getting the Tårnfalk to work, it was finally decided on 14 December 2005 to stop the project. The equipment was acquired for 470 million Danish, but was resold to Canada’s armed forces for 40 million. The Tårnfalk was once stationed at Varde Airbase.


Reasons for abolition. The Danish defense choose to mix two defenses together: namely the Air Force and the army. It is known from other countries how such a mix often ends. The Air Force wanted, roughly speaking, to perceive the UAV as an ordinary aircraft with a pilot in it. For example, quite ordinary propellers had to be aircraft-approved, due to the danger of crashing. In addition, the UAV was not fully developed / tested when it was purchased. In the 470 million the purchase has cost, lost earnings and spare parts consumption have not been included. Since the entire project has been scrapped, it can be economically argued that the positions that were occupied in the drone unit have lost work. Thus, it all suddenly becomes somewhat more expensive.

Source Wikipedia (ammended / translated)